Free Texas Hold'em South Florida
Tournament Information


  • 2 tournaments nightly.

  • Consolation tournaments.

  • Bar prizes will be given to the first place winner.

  • Consolation tournaments could have a $25.00 bar tab for the winner.

  • All players have the same equal opportunity to win and play for entertainment purposes only.

  • All establishments will run a 12 week tournament.

  • All players will begin with 10,000 in chips.

  • Top 15 players will receive points each night of play only at the establishment they play.

  • If 40 or more customers play at an establishment, then the top 20 will receive points.

  • Customers can only sit up to the first hour of play for each tournament.

  • You must be 21 or older to play.


    Will be treat equally and fairly at all times. Customers are correct to a point, no arguing with customers in front of other patrons. All players that sign up 30 minutes prior to start up will receive an extra 100 points. Receipts need to be turned in nightly for the following: If a player spends up to $25.00 from the establishment they will receive 100 points.

    If a player spends $25.00 or more from the establishment they will receive 200 points. There is no talking about the cards in play, no showing other players your cards, no cursing at the table, no string betting, if you muck your hand it remains mucked, if you bet out of turn the bet remains in the pot, if you show one card you must show both.

    If you leave the table your cards will be mucked. If you miss 3 hands or more, you will be blinded out until you return. Players choose their seat location except at a final tournament. If you spill a drink at the table you need to buy the table a drink. Tipping to the dealers is a courtesy because they are dealing on their own time. Proper tipping is when you begin a tournament and when you go to a final table. Players are allowed to sit at the table up to the first hour that the tournament is running.


    The following will be our standard blinds:

  • 100/200 blinds will go for 25 minutes

  • 200/400 blinds will go for 20 minutes

  • 300/600 blinds will go for 15 minutes

  • Color up

  • Blinds will go up every 15 minutes until the final table and they will go up every 10 minutes


    State statues define gambling as having three distinct characteristics: Prize, Chance, and Consideration. If any of these three characteristics are missing, the contract is within the law. Poker, by law, is considered to be a game of "'chance"'. "Prize" – we have lots of them! "Consideration" means anything which is a commercial or financial advantage to the promoter or the disadvantage to any participant."

    This means we cannot charge a fee for players to play Ace in the Hole Poker, Inc.. There is no "buy-in." We cannot require players to make a purchase from the host location. Chips used in our tournament have no financial value. Each player must sign a sheet stating they understand these regulations. Our regulations are also posted at each event.
    Ace in the Hole Poker is committed to running our tournaments within state laws.

    Ace in the Hole Poker, Inc Rules and Regulations

      • Players must register before each round.   
      • Photo ID required from all players at the time of registration.
      • Each player will be assigned a registration number.
      • Players must be 21 years of age.
      • No purchase or cover charge is required to play. Note: It is free for players to play but it is important that players realize; the establishment is paying Ace in the Hole Poker, Inc. to provide an entertainment service for them. The establishment must sell products in order to offset this expense.
      • No form of currency is allowed on the table, as prohibited by state law.
      • All cards and chips must remain on or above the table at all times.
      • Inappropriate behavior will be subject to penalty or elimination.
      • Any disputes will be settled by tournament managers and are final.
      • Rules are subject to change.